Launch into a red-hot collection of short stories by Liezl Shnookal

cover for book of short story collection "Fiddling while Rome Burns"
design by Andrew Rawson

Fiddling while Rome Burns

and other true and not-so-true stories


The eight stories in this collection vary enormously. You will be transported into a dystopian world to laugh at Me-Generation Charlotte and her rampant consumerism. In another story you will find nothing to smile about when you look in on elderly Elizabeth, as she tries to hide from death under the bedcovers in an old people’s home.

The assortment includes razor-sharp, political satire that features anti-heroes Tony Nero and Julia Caesar, as well as a true, deeply personal account of the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires. Perhaps the one you may especially enjoy is a straightforward narrative about a woman and her foster child, and how her beloved dog went missing.

Who knows which story will be your favourite . . .

Available as an Ebook for AUD$3.99 and as a paperback