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Journey alongside Nikki and Jess as they challenge the gendered social norms of the 1980s, in Liezl Shnookal’s latest novel.

Encounter exotic wildlife and amazing people in far-flung destinations, in her visual stories.

Discover her satirical short story about Australia’s attitude to the climate crisis, and her personal account of survival after a catastrophic bushfire.


United Against the World


In Liezl Shnookal's gripping novel, Nikki vs Jess, two young women find themselves locked in a fierce competition at the pool table, where neither is willing to be the loser. Beyond the white ball, they wage a battle against the oppressive gender norms of the 1980s, each blazing her own unconventional trail.

Nikki's passion for cars thrusts her into an all-male industry, where she fights tooth and nail to protect her dream job. Jess, on the other hand, rejects traditional values and expectations, wanting to make her own life choices. As they navigate unrelenting pressure and opposition, their friendship is tested.

Can they conquer a male-dominated era and emerge victorious? Dive into this inspiring story of empowerment, resilience, friendship, and the unbreakable spirit of two women determined to shatter the status quo.

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Nikki vs Jess cover


The title short story of a collection

As the sun rises over Powertown, Tony Nero strides purposefully to his desk. The federal election has just been called and he is a man in waiting no longer. He locates his laptop, scans the headlines on screen, and groans.

There are floods or bushfires in several key marginal seats, again. Why the hell, he wonders, can’t natural disasters be confined to safe Red Party electorates?

Nero calls for coffee, then remembers that it’s too early for the girl to be at work. He sighs and begins a two-hour exercise program in the private gymnasium annexed to his office. It’s going to be a marathon race to the finish line and the seasoned veteran knows he needs to be in tip-top shape.


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When life goes


Novel - Second Edition

Embark on a remarkable journey through Australia's 1970s with Lucy in Off Track.

When Lucy finds herself in the back of a panel van with the larrikin Scotchie, her life takes an unexpected turn. From love and beach adventures to protesting the Vietnam War, Lucy's story captures an era of profound transformation.

Based on a true story, Liezl Shnookal's captivating novel vividly portrays a time when life veered off its intended course and ventured completely OFF TRACK.


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photo by Liezl Shnookal


True Story
I was one of the lucky ones. Some of us who lived in St Andrews on 7 February 2009 escaped the Black Saturday inferno, simply because the wind changed and took the bushfire to others instead. I didn’t lose my house or possessions; I lost no family members. There are many stories of those who did – stories of devastating loss, heroism, death and miraculous escape. My story is a parallel story – although a much smaller one – and I write it with distress, humility and grief. I also write it with love. I mean no disrespect to those who lost so much, and I make no claim to universal truth. This is just my own personal story.

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"On the way home from a day at the beach, we normally made a stop at the Shoreham General Store. In 1960 my father borrowed his friend’s movie camera again and managed to capture some priceless footage.

It must have been a very special occasion, because instead of having our usual icy poles, we were eating ice creams!"

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