Join two young women as they challenge the social norms of the 1980s, in a novel by Liezl Shnookal

Nikki vs Jess cover


United Against the World

In Liezl Shnookal's gripping novel, Nikki vs Jess, two young women find themselves locked in a fierce competition at the pool table, where neither is willing to be the loser. Beyond the white ball, they wage a battle against the oppressive gender norms of the 1980s, each blazing her own unconventional trail.

Nikki's passion for cars thrusts her into an all-male industry, where she fights tooth and nail to protect her dream job. Jess, on the other hand, rejects traditional values and expectations, wanting to make her own life choices. As they navigate unrelenting pressure and opposition, their friendship is tested.

Can they conquer a male-dominated era and emerge victorious? Dive into this inspiring story of empowerment, resilience, friendship, and the unbreakable spirit of two women determined to shatter the status quo.