An Adventure into the Amazon Jungle in Peru

A huge highlight of my life has been my trip into the Amazon jungle and I especially loved flying over the Amazon River Basin.

I stepped into the jungle and spotted a Caiman through the dense Rainforest

and couldn't help laughing at a couple of Bush Turkeys.

I was shocked at how massive this Tarantula was!

I regret not capturing the sound of Woody Woodpecker via video,

but I was so incredibly lucky to see a Tamandua, and with a baby on board!

and some Capybaras, the largest rodent in the world (the size of a wombat).

From a bird-hide, I watched Macaws dropping in on a claylick.

But my favourites were the endangered Giant River Otters who breakfasted on Piranhas

before heading off home several hours later, with full tummies.

It's so important to protect all of the precious Rainforest in the Amazon.

But in Brazil there is continuing large-scale deforestation through logging and burning. On 31st March 2020 the fifth Forest Guardian of Brazil's Amazon was murdered. Click the Guardians of the Amazon now to find out how you can help.