Come with me on a journey around the Galapagos Islands

Bartolome Island

Encountering a Marine Iguana, just hanging out

and another, but surrounded by heaps of friends and family!

One of Darwin's finches, a Yellow Warbler

A male Frigatebird, looking for "love"

Waved Albatross nesting on Espanola Island

Four ocean currents converge at Galapagos, with this sea turtle enjoying the warmer currents

while a penguin enjoys the cool-water currents

Galapagos Giant Tortoises on the move

and in the distance, I catch a fleeting glimpse of a very large Land Iguana.

A definite case of photobombing!

Some Blue-footed Boobies

and no prizes for guessing that this is a Red-footed Booby

A Short-eared Owl, which has adapted to hunting during the day

and Sea Lions, which have adapted to town life in San Cristobal

Frigatebirds flying over the boat, as sadly my journey comes to an end.