Several years ago I visited Queensland's beautiful Whitsundays and especially loved the view over Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet.

I flew over Hill Inlet at low tide - a truly spectacular sight.

And I marvelled at the Great Barrier Reef from the air, while remembering one of the greatest experiences of my life - snorkelling the Outer Reef's underwater paradise.

But just a little way up the road, is the site for a proposed massive coal mine and port - situated right next to the Great Barrier Reef.


And now the Great Barrier Reef is in terrible trouble, with coral bleaching due to climate change.


Burning coal from Adani's proposed coal mine will increase global warming and the Great Barrier Reef will be destroyed.

The survival of the Great Barrier Reef or Adani's massive coal mine and port?

Many thousands of jobs in the long-term tourism industry for the sake of approximately 1500 short-term jobs?

Great Barrier Reef 1

The choice is clear. We must fight to save the Great Barrier Reef.

Join STOP ADANI now!

Our whole planet is in peril and we are in a climate emergency. It's urgent that we all act NOW!